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Offering the Best T-Shirt Printing in Singapore

Providing our customers with access to customized, high-quality T-shirts at affordable prices. That has been our motto since we first incorporated back in 2009 and continues to be to this day. We understand that the two most valued qualities in our trade are reality and affordability, that is why when it comes to our craft, we can assure you only the best possible T-shirt printing services available in Singapore.

Why might you want to customize your own tshirts you wonder? Creating your own custom t-shirt not just helps with building a stronger identity for your team, it can also act as part of merchandising to create brand loyalty and awareness. Imagine customers using a shoe bag emblazoned with your logo at the gym to target a specific target audience of yours, or on towels, or just a simple company polo tee. The possibilities are endless. In short, it’s a great marketing tool for business. Making it a great idea as corporate gifts.

There are a few ways you can go about printing your customized tshirts. The final printing method you choose will depend on your conditions you want. We offer our customers three of the most recognised t-shirt printing methods possible and can advise you, if needed, on what works.

One of the most popular and preferred methods of t-shirt printing is though silkscreen printing. This method does not incur any peeling and is often used with better quality designs, as it tends to be better at lasting longer. Silkscreen Printing is generally for one-time printing, as often the designs are destroyed after each print. This method is best if you are looking to create a your t-shirts or products in bulk for strong and long lasting quality.

Heat transfer on the other hand, excels at printing small custom orders, allowing you to easily create different customized tshirts. This method tends to work better on lighter colored tshirts.

Lastly there is embroidery. This method truly excels at customized business shirt or polo shirts, or jackets. This is good if you are looking to put a small image or logo on your item.

If you are unsure of what you are looking for, just give us a call and we’ll gladly offer you our advice on the best approach for your needs. With our longstanding experience in this industry, you get the best t-shirt supplier with the widest range of apparel you can use for custom printing your merchandise or wear. Quality doesn’t always have to come at the expense of price.

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