Silkscreen Printing
Silkscreen printing is the most common type of T-Shirt printing technique which provides a clear and long-lasting image that does not fade easily wash after wash. A stencil allows images to be imposed on a screen of silk or mesh fiber, using impermeable substances to block out unwanted areas and force the ink through the screen to create prints on the surface. Unlimited colours can be used but the cost increases as more colours are required. However, it is the recommended printing method for fine and detailed designs to achieve consistently vibrant and clear colours and images.

Embroidery incorporates colourful threads stitched onto a fabric to create an image. It is determined by the surface area and the number of stitches being used to provide a refined and exclusive look without compromising on the number of colours that can be used. Durability is another added bonus. We recommend embroidery for small surface areas such as logos and personalized names.

Heat Transfer
Heat Transfer Printing is a method of transferring a desired pattern via heat onto a substrate. It involves the use of an inkjet to transfer the images via computer and applying heat & pressure onto the ink ribbon and substrate. Once the images are printed out, cutters are use to craft out the shape of the image before platen type transfer presses apply heat onto the carrier paper and transfer the image on the shirts. These types of printing suitable for logos/ images that involve many colors and require precise pantone control.