How To Order

Here are a few simple steps that will be a guide to you. ( Step 1 – 6 )

Step 1 : Decide on the type of apparel you would like.

(Click on the images to view some of our samples in the category)

Step 2 : Select the colour & fabric you would like your apparel to be.

Colours & Fabric Selection: VIEW.

(Click on the link to view our range of colours & fabric for reference)

Step 3 : Choose the type of printing you would want your designs to be printed.

(Click on the link to get an idea of the different types of printing we provide)

Step 4 : Download our sizing form template below by clicking the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button and consolidate all the sizes for the wearer.

Sizing Guide: VIEW.

(Click on the link to view our sizing guide)

Form Download: DOWNLOAD.

(Click on the link to download our form)

Step 5 : Do you have a design you wish to submit to us for printing?

Prepare & save your artwork in High Resolution preferably in a working format. (.AI .PSD .PDF .JPEG, etc.)

Step 6: To place an order or get a quotation, please fill up the form below and attached your design together with the sizing form template!

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