Chasing Rainbow 2015

Temasek Polytechnic Community Club and Temasek Polytechnic Adventure Club would like to thank Lovelypears for partially sponsoring ‘Chasing Rainbow’, a charity event organised to raise funds for Club Rainbow. This event wouldn’t have been made possible without Etheng and his team for giving us the opportunity to work with Lovelypears, and we are thankful for this opportunity.

For more info, do check and like ‘Chasing Rainbow’ page,

Credits to:
Joyce Tan Cheng Huey
President of Temasek Polytechnic Adventure Club

Club Rainbow is an organisation that helps children, ranging from infant to children age 20, who are suffering from a range of chronic and life- threatening illnesses and their families. This illnesses includes some illnesses that are not well known. Some examples are Blood disorders, Biliary Atresia, Congenital heart disease, very low birth weight Premature babies, Spina Bifida, Rare genetic disorders,Chronic Idiopathic thrombocytopenia (ITP), Bone marrow failure, End stage renal failure, Nephrotic syndrome,
Thyroid disorder (Hypothyroidism & Thyrotoxicosis),Chronic asthma, Insulin dependant diabetes mellitus (IDDM), Muscular dystrophies/ Myopathies, Inflammatory Bowel diseases.

Coming to know about Club Rainbow, Temasek Polytechnic Community Service Club (TPCSC) & TP Adventure Club (TPAC) organised a charity run, named CHASING RAINBOW.
To help Club Rainbow in supporting this children, do sign up for the charity run at

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